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allgeyer-fonts - Musical Notation True Type Fonts

Website: http://www.icogitate.com/~ergosum/fonts/musicfonts.htm
License: OFL
Vendor: Alcance Libre, Inc.
Robert Allgeyer's MusiQwik and MusiSync are a set of original True Type fonts
that depict musical notation. Each music font may be used within a word
processing document without the need for special music publishing software, or
embedded in PDF files.


allgeyer-fonts-5.002-11.fc14.al.src [248 KiB] Changelog by Parag Nemade (2014-11-09):
- Add metainfo file to show this font in gnome-software
- Remove %clean section which is optional now
- Remove buildroot which is optional now
- Remove removal of buildroot in %install
- Remove %defattr
- Remove group tag
- Replace %define with %global

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